Paddleboarding Lessons

Paddleboarding Lessons


Playa Boardsports offers Stand-up Paddleboarding (sup paddleboard) lessons for people of all ages. While visiting Playa del Carmen (or perhaps checking out our sister locations in Cancun and Tulum), those interested in paddleboarding can opt for lessons by our professional and certified instructors. Learning how to ride a standup paddleboard is great fun! It is also excellent fitness, too.

Playa Boardsports provides interested paddleboarders new JP Australia paddleboarding equipment for all our lessons and rentals. Since paddleboarding doesn’t require much gear or take too long to learn, you can be on your own in the water within hours. While enjoying your time with our instructors, you will learn the key techniques on how to paddleboard and ultimately how to have the best possible experience. We offer lessons teaching new participants how to get on the boards, stand and paddle. We also always apply safety when exploring the waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

1 Hour Lessons

Price:   75 USD – 1 Hour, 1 per person

               65 USD – 1 Hour, 2 people (price per person)

               55 USD – 1 Hour, 3+ people (price per person)

2 Hour Lessons

Price:   85 USD – 2 Hours, 1 per person

               75 USD – 2 Hours, 2 people (price per person)

               65 USD – 2 Hours, 3+ people (price per person)

1. Introduction of Stand Up Paddleboarding:

This Playa del Carmen activity is one of the most enjoyable water sports. Although people of all ages can enjoy this excursion, it still requires patience and good technique to properly excel at this activity. Our instructors will review the correct equipment needed for paddleboarding and the safety precautions that are involved as well. Paddleboarding with Playa Boardsports in breathtaking beautiful Playa del Carmen, Mexico, is an experience you won’t soon forget!

2. Proper Body Positions:

Our instructors will teach you how to stand up, how to hold the paddle nice and straight, and how to stand with knees slightly bent so you don’t tire yourself too quickly. Lessons will point out the core muscle areas that will be targeted since stand up paddleboarding is such a great way to stay in shape. Proper body positions will allow you to use the paddle effectively, safely, and comfortably.

3. Essential Paddle Technique:

Essential paddle board techniques will be taught. We will instruct you in the importance of paddle strokes and show you how to effectively utilize this skill to last longer in the water. Planting the blade of the paddle properly in the water is the key in to maximizing the power from the paddle. Our certified instructors will show learners the proper way to exert energy throughout the whole body and into the paddle rather than just the arms.

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