Paddleboarding Rentals

Paddleboarding Rentals


Playa Boardsports has all the essentials for paddleboarding rentals and you can trust that they are top of the line. We provide new stand up paddleboarding gear and equipment for all of our services and for any excursion you might have planned.

Paddleboarding gear is required to enjoy this exciting Playa del Carmen activity but do not fear, there are only a few key pieces of equipment needed.

  • Stand up paddleboard: This is the main gear needed and is a heavy investment if you choose to purchase one. A paddleboard is heavier and larger than a traditional surfboard because it has to support the weight of your body and have enough plane to glide over water. Unless you’re a lifetime paddleboarder, buying a paddleboard out of pocket can put a hefty dent in your wallet. Prices for a nice new paddleboard can range anywhere from $400 to $1500.
  • Paddle: Stand-up paddles come in different lengths since the paddle has to be (technically) longer than the person holding it to paddle easily in the water while standing on the paddleboard. Prices for the paddles typically range over $50 when bought separately.
  • Leash: Paddleboard leashes wrap around your ankles and connect you with the board. Just in case you fall off the board, you will be able to stay afloat and most importantly, not lose your precious board! Leashes can go for $40 or more for a good brand.

Even if you stayed in the Maya Riviera for a full week, paddleboarding every day, and tried out all three of Playa Boardsports locations: Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Tulum, renting equipment from us would still be a lot more cost effective than purchasing your own SUP gear. Just remember that here at Playa Boardsports, you don’t have to shell out all of your hard earned cash for your paddleboarding use. You have the option for paddleboarding rentals and try what’s best for you. This is paramount! What is works best for another stand up paddleboarder might not be right for you.

Rentals include board, leash, and a paddle.

Equipment prices per hour:

  • 1 Hour – 25 USD
  • 2 Hours – 35 USD
  • 3 Hours – 45 USD
  • Half day – 60 USD

Equipment prices per day:

  • Full day – 70 USD (9am – 6pm)

Let Us Help Your Group Enjoy Playa del Carmen with Paddleboarding Rentals

We have plenty of equipment readily available and upon request we can organize clinics, events, weddings, parties, SUP yoga, SUP trips, adventures and more. Let us know about your event, the number of people and we’ll talk you through your options. Please fill out an inquiry about your group/event and let us have the honor of organizing paddleboarding rentals for you!


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