Paddleboarding Tours

 Paddleboarding Tours

Stand-Up Paddleboarding is the fastest growing sport in the world right now and Playa Boardsports in Playa del Carmen has you covered with Paddleboarding Tours!

Playa Boardsports offers personalized guided Stand Up Paddleboarding tours throughout the Mexican Mayan Riviera. We are blessed with having the most stunning Caribbean coast, composed with a large number of turquoise water bays, colorful sea life, shallow water sand bars, stunning beaches, and a large number of Mayan jungle rivers, called “Cenotes”. We guarantee your Stand Up Paddleboarding tours experience will provide you a safe and memorable experience of all our beautiful region has to offer. The tour is a great adventure! There is no better way to experience paddleboarding than through a guided tour on the amazing waters accessible from any of our three locations: choose from Playa del Carmen, Cancun or Tulum.

3 hour tour: 190 USD — price per person/ max 4 people

Our Stand Up Paddleboarding tours include:

  • Transportation
  • Snorkeling
  • Bird watching
  • Cenote rivers
  • Board
  • Leash
  • Paddle
  • (and Water!)

Why is everyone jumping on the board?

Because it’s super fun, it gets you outside and up-close with nature, and you get an incredible workout from it.

In 2013 it was reported to have the most 1st-time participants of any outdoor sports activity in the United States.  It’s been seen all over the news and picked-up by numerous celebrities like: Kim Kardashian, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ty Pennington, and even Taylor Swift.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding targets the core like no other exercise.

Researchers at Rutgers have even started doing a study using high-tech sensors placed throughout the body to examine the impact stand-up paddling has as a workout.  Early data has already shown that it can definitely have similar results as dancing and resistance-band training.

Paddleboarding doesn’t have to be done standing-up, though.

Those who are just starting out find it easy to just kneel on the board and paddle with their hands, kind of like doing the butterfly stroke.  Many paddleboarders will switch to a sitting or position on their knees to take a break if they have been standing for a long time.  Usually, beginners get fatigued in their arms before anywhere else, due to not being used to using their core body strength to do all the work while paddling.

Even when you progress to standing up on your paddle board it’s actually very easy to keep your balance and some say they feel just as stable as being in a kayak!  Now, you will eventually fall off your board starting out, everyone does, but getting back on isn’t as scary as you may think.  Paddleboards are extremely buoyant and as long as you get on using the board’s “sweet spot” you should be back in-action with no problem.  That’s the beauty of paddle boarding.

Very quickly you will notice just how invigorating this water sport is!

And how different the experience is to standard boating or kayaking.  It’s very quiet, so you can get pretty close to wildlife and the fact that you’re standing allows you a completely different POV.  You start noticing things that you would otherwise miss on a boat; the best view of any aquatic life swimming around your board.  The experience is very therapeutic, but at the same time it’s exciting.

After you get a taste for paddleboarding, you’ll be looking at every body of water differently everywhere you go.

The mobility of paddleboarders is undeniable.

Especially, when it comes to planning a future vacation near or around water.  The affordable cost of entry due to not needing any special equipment or accessories will definitely attract more people, add-on the unique sense of freedom you have when traveling over the landscape, it’s something that will ensure that paddle boarding will only increase in popularity and eventually become a staple alongside all beach, lake, and river resorts around the world.

For an invigorating, unique experience, see us at Playa Boardsports for your Paddleboarding Tours today!

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