Paddleboard Yoga

 Paddleboarding Yoga


The newest place to strike a yoga pose is not on a yoga mat, but on the scenic waters of lakes, rivers and the ocean — say the Mexican Caribbean, perhaps? Playa Boardsports want to show you how it’s done.

Stand Up Paddle-Yoga is a paddle class that incorporates yoga postures and sequencing on and off shore, providing a relaxed, balanced and connected yoga practice. Paddle-Yoga will provide the benefits of yoga practice, while the amazing Caribbean Sea environment intensifies the connectedness of your experience.

Prerequisites for Paddleboard Yoga

Paddle-Yoga is for those that have taken the paddleboard lesson or have equivalent experience and feel comfortable on the boards.

No experience or swim level required, minimum age is 13 years old or 100lbs.

Prices Paddle-Yoga:


1 person — 75 USD.

2 people — 65 USD(price per person).

3+ people 55 USD. (price per person).


1 person — 85 USD

2 people — 75 USD.  (price per person).

3+ people — 65 USD. (price per person)

Fees include instruction, paddleboard, and all related equipment.

If Paddleboarding is the fastest growing outdoor sport in America,

Then you can bet that Paddleboard Yoga is right up there as the fastest growing exercise. Hot celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Cameron Diaz have been seen Yoga paddling frequently and it’s been all over the local news and even had a fun segment shown on the Today Show.

Practicing Yoga on a paddleboard was also born in Hawaii where Stand-up Paddleboarding became popular.  It can be done on any standard paddleboard, but the learning curve is a little more difficult, so there is usually more practice done before you begin doing yoga poses out in the open water.

Beginners may practice on the beach or dry land before moving to a swimming pool to gain the proper strength and get used to using your core and lower body in ways you would not normally with standard yoga. Just remember — standard yoga is for everyone, so is paddleboard yoga!

The benefits of doing Paddleboarding Yoga

You are not only readily apparent in the level of workout that you’ll be experiencing, but also mentally in how you approach yoga.  Most yoga is done in a closed environment, like a studio.  You can experience more distractions or reminders of our busy lives from phones ringing/vibrating, clocks ticking, etc.

When you’re outside in the calm, open waters, you can really let go of life’s stresses and get in-touch with yourself and nature. You have this flowing harmony from the water beneath you and the wind around you.

Yogi practitioners may be familiar with the method for breathing known as “Ocean Breath”; this is derived from listening to the sound of the ocean to help you relax. The sound of the ocean lapping against your board while you do yoga acts as almost a lullaby to help you get in-touch with your body and soul.

Paddleboarding Yoga is loved by experts and beginners

The concept of balancing on top of a paddleboard while getting into various positions can add an extra challenge to those who identify as Yoga Masters.  The possibility of falling in the water if you bite off more than you can chew provides an extra dose of adrenaline to keep you focused and motivated.

Falling down is a part of life. If you fall down, you get back up and try again! Paddleboard yoga teaches you to conquer your fears and become more comfortable with nature.

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