Kiteboarding, one of the most popular extreme water sports, makes for a truly amazing water sporting experience. Only those who go kiteboarding and kitesurfing know what it feels like to surf and leap on the surface of a wide stretch of water with the help of a large power kite and a kite board. And then soar through the air and feel the cool breeze from the ocean on their face. Anyone who has ever flown a kite when it is windy can understand how kiteboarding works. The wind pushes against the kite, which is attached to the board. As the wind picks up and curls against the sea, the kite lifts the board off of the water and the individual is basically flying. It is a thrilling feeling!


Apart from a kite and a kite-board, kiteboarding also involves other equipment such as a harness, bar and lines which attach you to the kite; but ultimately it is the size of the kite and the strength of the wind which matter most. If you have the right-sized kite and strong and steady current of air, launching into the water is no big deal. All of the work of pulling you across the water is done by the kite itself provided you are able to control the kite and maintain your balance on the kiteboard. That is where instruction comes in handy.

There are many types of kiteboarding styles. To name a few, there is freestyle, free ride, wave riding, strapless surf, hydrofoiling,  racing, wake style, big air and park riding. Choose your favourite one!!


All you need to enjoy kiteboarding is courage and the knowledge of the rules of the game. If you aren’t educated on how to do it, kiteboarding may turn out to be a real traumatic experience for you instead of an enjoyable one, which is why we highly recommend a training session for everyone, regardless of skill level. Each kiteboarding location has its own weather conditions and nuances so it’s helpful to have even a little instruction from someone who lives and works in the Playa del Carmen conditions on a daily basis.

Playa Boardsports is the top training & instruction center for kiteboarding in Cancun & Playa del Carmen. It doesn’t matter how old you are, when armed with the correct equipment, kiteboarding lessons, and due safety measures, all can enjoy this water sport without any problem. Join the adrenaline pumping sport of kiteboarding today! Once you get a taste, you will be hooked!

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