Kiteboarding Rentals

Kiteboarding Rentals

Kiteboarding Rentals for Certified Kiteboarders

Kiteboarding rentals are only available to certified kiteboarders.

Prices per day:

Kite — 110 USD

Board — 70 USD

Harness — 50 USD

Full equipment — 170 USD

We Provide Everything You Need for Kiteboarding Rentals!

We provide new kiteboarding rentals gear and equipment in all our services and  an IKO kiteboarding level card to all our students.

Are you a certified kiteboarder looking to practice your skills in Playa del Carmen? Or are you a beginner kiteboarder and kitesurfing enthusiast looking to explore new adventures? Playa Boardsports, the only full service retail and board shop in Playa del Carmen, is equipped for all your needs! And our prices are reasonable. We charge $110 for kite, $70 for board, $50 for harness per day. And if you want to rent full equipment, it won’t cost you more than $170 with our discounted specials. What’s more, the new Cabrinha kiteboarding equipment we provide guarantees quality of safety, not to mention the #1 name in kiteboarding and kitesurfing equipment.

If you are not a certified kiteboarder, you can rent a kiteboard after completing our superb training program. It comes in different packages which answer the needs of different categories of kiteboarders. We also offer supervision service to the people who can’t stay upwind. When we say supervision, it includes not only all the equipment required for the purpose but also our IKO instructor who will remain with you like your shadow, keeping watch over you to ensure your safety. Also, learning kiteboarding from us has inherent advantages, one of which is that we provide our students with an International Kiteboard Organization (IKO) kiteboarding level card. And if you decide to purchase a kite, you will receive a free 2 hour lesson!




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