Frequently Asked Questions

What is kiteboarding or kite surfing?

Kiteboarding is a water sport, perhaps best described as a blend between surfing, wind surfing and wake boarding. Kite surfers harness the power of the wind to be propelled across the water via controlling their large power kites, as the kite surfer glides across the surface of the water on a board similar to a wake board. The bigger the kite, the lighter the wind you can kite in and vice versa. There are many styles of kite boarding, including freestyle, freeride, downwinders, speed, course racing, wakestyle, jumping and wave-riding! Playa del Carmen Kiteboarding is an amazing way to experience the possibilities of water sports Playa del Carmen offers to visitors, as well as water sport activities in Cancun and nearby Tulum.

What do you need to know to kiteboard in Playa del Carmen?

If done properly kiteboarding is an extremely safe, enjoyable experience for participants from all backgrounds. Just a few lessons with an expert trainer will equip anyone with the skills and knowledge they need to get the most out of their kite boarding experience. Lessons are extremely important. They will accelerate your learning process and allow you on the water faster and safely. All you need to kite board is the desire to harness the wind and surf the seas!

What sort of equipment is needed in Playa del Carmen Kiteboarding?

The basic equipment for kiteboarding is a high performance, controllable kite with control bars and lines. You’ll need a board and a harness as well. With Playa del Carmen weather typiclaly being warm and sunny, sunglasses can be a key item to help you battle the powerful glare of the sun. Similarly sun screen is recommended, as it is for most water sports in Playa del Carmen. Although not necessary, extra safety precautions can be taken with a helmet and a wet suit.

Do I need special skills in order to enjoy kiteboarding?

No! Kiteboarding is a great sport for everyone. The only requirement is that you can swim! Kiteboarding can be a great work-out, but it is not too strenuous physically. People familiar with surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding or even skateboarding might have a leg up as they learn the ropes of kiteboarding, but no prior skill or experience is necessary. Kiteboarding is an incredible experience accessible to almost anyone who is willing to learn!

When is the best time for learning kiteboarding with Playa Boardsports?

While anytime is a great time for water sports in Playa del Carmen, the windy season runs from the end of October until the end of June, making this time ideal for kiteboarding. The summer months tend to be less windy, although there are still some good days and excellent chances for stand-up paddle boarding.

How many lessons do I need to take to learn kiteboarding?

After just a few lessons, must students are able to get up on the board and experience the wonders of kiteboarding. We offer lessons for all levels of students, from the complete beginner, to intermediate users, to experienced users looking for new skills and critiques. We have years of experience and all the skills necessary to guide you through each phase of your learning process.

Can I buy gear and equipment with Playa Boardsports?

Absolutely! Playa Boardsports is an authorized dealer for Cabrinha kites and JP Australia SUP’s. All our lessons include new equipment and we offer special discount for our students looking to buy new gear. Check out our gear and lessons packages for more!

What to do in Playa del Carmen in case there is no wind?

The possibilities for water sports in Playa del Carmen is hardly controlled by the fickle moods of the wind! When kiteboarding conditions aren’t favorable, we offer stand-up paddleboarding lessons, paddleboard yoga or nature tours. You will find much to do out of the water as well. Playa Boardsports and Playa del Carmen are situated in the epicenter of the Mexican Caribbean, famous worldwide for its stunning natural beauty and range of exciting outdoor activities. There is so much to explore: scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, zip lines, cultural and archaeological tours, a thriving nightlife, natural parks and nature reserve to explore, and tons of opportunities for adventure or relaxation! We will be happy to help organize any extra activities for you during your stay and we hope you’ll enjoy the abundance of water sports Playa del Carmen has to offer.

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